Monday, December 9, 2013

Our late departed Christmas tree and some vintage postcards

I tried so hard yesterday and today to share a slideshow I made of our old Christmas tree before our fire. Sadly, it just wouldn't work but did want to share the tree again.

After the fire, we couldn't find another one any where like it. I'm sure glad we have photos of it to look back on.

Here are a few vintage Christmas postcards from my collection

Its getting very cold here at night. As I write this, its 39 degrees at 11 in the evening. Very still outside too, although today was a windy one. Our front yard has about 3 ft of leaves on it as they blow down from the entire street into our yard.  A neighbor has volunteered to come and help us rake them on Saturday. By that time, there may be 6 ft of leaves the way things are going. Of course, Jayden loves them!


Sherri said...

My friend, your tree is lovely I pray you find a new one just as lovely. This year is goodbye to my tree as well, it's seen better days the lights are not even working, so maybe after the stores start their clearance I'll get a new one.
I pray a you stay warm and well fed, enjoy your CHRISTmas.

Carmen C. said...

That is one beautiful tree Dani, love it! Hope you all have a very Merry holiday season, I'm sure little Jayden is patiently waiting for Santa;)

Gert said...

Beautiful tree...hope you find another one just as nice!! Sorry your temps are cold...but at least their warmer then