Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Short Road Trip

Our locksmith work has slowed down and this was the only job we've had this month so far. The call was from a lady who had just bought a home in Nuevo (pronounced new-way-vo) This is her views of the area, Nuevo is a rural area, much open space and with great views.

 Below is the dirt road we came in on. Her front door had a key broken off in the lock. She'd had two other locksmiths out to her home and neither of them could get it out. Alan got it out in less than 15 seconds. He took the key home and had new keys made for her.
Not all of California is concrete and beaches, most of Southern California is as you see it here. And its why we love it. Open spaces and mountain views, great weather also. We really like Nuevo as it has a very small town feel, with a cute downtown right out of the 1950s. Its only about 20 minutes from where we live too.
Our weather now is fairly cool at night, in the 40s most nights, and 70 during the day. I've been pulling Christmas decorations out slowly, considering the two year old in the house. No collection of snow globes on the coffee table this year!

Here is a nice little Christmas video to enjoy....Christmas Peace to you!