Thursday, August 29, 2013

Rescued Cats and Good People

My dear friend, Nancy has rescued animals and supported rescues for years. She and her daughter published a celebrity cookbook some time ago, the proceeds have gone to animal rescues and then last year she updated it with some new celebrities added recipes. I love the cookbook and have used them for gifts also.
But I wanted to mention her husband, Billy. He's the wind beneath her wings and has worked along side her with the rescues. These people are the salt of the earth and  what makes our country great.
He's been mostly a dog person but has fallen in love with the cats also. This little one has found a special place in Billy's heart as only a kitty can do.

These are the kittens that they found in their new place, sleeping in one of the out buildings. Thankfully, new homes have been found for all of them, through Nancy and Billy's help.  Before they moved, the mother cat and kittens had a rough life. Mom cat was left behind and had to fend for herself, and raise the kittens. She was seldom fed for the neighbor who was of the school that if you feed  cats, they won't be good mousers which is an old wives tale. Our cats are death to mice in the house and they are fed well. Cats are natural predators.The kittens were healthy and well fed, but Mama cat was very thin as she gave her all for the kittens.  The first time Nancy fed her, she immediately went out and brought all the kittens in so they could eat too. 
Nancy and Billy are keeping two of them, the Mama Cat and the one kitten that bonded with Billy.

Nancy still has a few of the wonderful cookbooks left, so if you would like to help them, in their rescues and help pay for the vet costs, for shots and neutering. She has them for sale in her selling blog at Huggins Haven