Monday, May 20, 2013

More Family Tree Stuff

I'm still working on the family tree. I was blest to have previous generations have several genealogists do research and have family books published. The oldest one I have my maternal grandfather gave was published in 1913. Some of the family they wrote about were still living at that time.

My uncle also sat down with my grandfather back in the early 70s and taped Grandpa's memories of growing up in Missouri in the late 1800s. He was born in 1886. That's him in the old photo in Carrolton, Missouri. I think he's in his late teens in the photo. Trying to be a tough guy!   His father died when Grandpa was only 3 months old. This has been a bit  of a mystery to me and one I'm researching.
The 1880 census has his dad as a harness maker and 20 years old. He would have been only 26 when he died. I can find no burial site or death records anywhere. How did his death come to happen? Was he ill, had an accident, or what? My curious mind would like to know. The Carrolton historical association has a complete history of the town in book form and since much of the family came from there, it might be worth purchasing.
The old paper family trees are wearing out so I'm transcribing everything into the Wiki Tree site for future generations. Hopefully they will be useful to others.

If you like old photos like I do and don't have any or like to collect them for an instant "family" my friend Judy has some in her Ebay shop...just click and see.

This is actually one of my ancestors but thought I'd give you an example of similar photos she offers. So many times, they were never identified which is a shame. I feel people should be remembered.