Friday, May 24, 2013

A Emergency and a Mystery Plant!

Friends, if you live in northern Illinois or southern Wisconsin, or know someone who does, Nancy really really needs to find a good place to rent. Her blog post says it all, so I won't elaborate here but its grim where they live now. They're seniors in their early 70s.No one should have to live like this. If you have a blog, will you mention her situation on yours? If the blogging community would help spread the word, I know we can all help this couple soon.

We planted a mystery volunteer plant in a raised bed this spring. It was a tiny thing and Alan thought perhaps it was a zucchini plant from last year.Well, its no zucchini plant! what do you think? I'm leaning toward a melon of some sort..hopefully watermelon,but the leaves don't really look like watermelon. We had some corn in this bed but the plant has taken over and is even growing over the sides of the bed as you can see.

What could it possibly be? Time will tell, I guess!