Tuesday, December 11, 2012


We've been busy, the days go by so fast...we got our tree up in the dining room, away from baby curiosity...I put it on round table in the corner of the room. The house looks rather festive now.

This has been an incredibly tight month for us. One realtor (our main one, in fact) was late on payments but came through yesterday thankfully. Then on the way home, we got in a fender bender with a truck..not hurt but the car is a mess. Front end crumbled. We didn't realize the extent of the damage until we got home..oh, my...it looks terrible but still runs fine...the truck was undamaged..but it had a trailer hitch that made mud pie out of our hood and front bumper. Sometimes I wish we had a big heavy truck instead of a little Honda, but we do get excellent gas mileage! We are very thankful for no injuries.

This will be Jayden's (our grandson) second Christmas with us...he was so little last year, only 5 months old but  his year, he's 16 months so can open his own presents. He knows something is going on but doesn't yet understand. Jayden loves all the lights and calls the ornaments "balls". He knows somethings are "pretty" and not to be touched, although its hard to remember sometimes. I found a simple basic Christmas stocking for him to use this holiday and a friend sent me a wonderful kit to embroider for the future ones. I just haven't found the time this year to do everything.
When the boys were little, I made each of them their own stockings which they still use today...happily, the fire didn't get to them as it did so many of our Christmas things.

Ebay Sales

All ornaments that I listed on Ebay sold..every single one! It really helped us this month and am want to thank those who bid. I was able to put gas in the car, buy a few groceries and a few presents to make this a better holiday. I again have listed a few more Campbell Soup Kid ornaments..these makes the last of my extensive collection. These were bought back in the 90s directly from Campbells Soup Company. You sent in soup can labels and some change for them....
Here are a few photos...most of these are dated also.    Sold! thanks so much!
This was put out for the companies 100th birthday.

This Kid is enjoying his puppy and a cup of split pea soup....M'mM'm Good! These are just a few..I believe I have about 9 listed. You can see them all here.. they are collectable.