Saturday, October 27, 2012

China, Ebay and Family

I've been busy listing some items on Ebay, I decided to list some of this beautiful Haviland china that I inherited from my dear grandmother. I got it over 40 years ago but have never used it. The kids are not interested in it either.
The set was originally for 12. However, when I got it, many of the pieces were broken. As it was a big set, there are still enough for a service of 8. It includes 8 beautiful dinner plates, a casserole with lid, 6 soup bowls, 4 teacups with saucers, a gravy bowl and 3 platters, increasing in size to a turkey platter. Also 12 butter pats which are darling.
Haviland is one of those china sets that has increased in value over the years while others have declined.
Grandpa and Grandma lived during the Great Depression. Grandma bought this set piece by piece from a neighbor during that time so I'm not sure what the real age is for these.

They are all in beautiful condition. So far I've listed a tea cup and butter pat. So delicate and pretty. Below is one of the butter pats...darling huh? They are only about 2 inches across. I have the pink Depression glass glasses that Grandma teamed with the set but I'm keeping them at this time.

The above vintage photo is of my grandmother...She was German, the daughter of German immigrants. She grew up in Ottumwa, Iowa on a farm outside of town. Her and her siblings went to "English" school during the week, and German school on Saturdays. They were staunch Baptists, attended church and Sunday School.

Here she is with her Sunday school class..pretty lady in the bottom middle. It was a  large class too...

 I was fortunate enough to get a few of these old photos...Grandpa took my mother and I into the basement. He had a trunk full of old photos like this that he went through. Gave us a few of them. We found out later that after he aunt took the photos and gave them to the thrift shop. Sadness. She thought no one would be interested in them. So happy we got a few anyway.
I am rambling and will post this now...if you are interested in the is the link to my Ebay sales....China Lake Auctions