Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Applesauce Thoughts

We've both been busy the last few days. We traveled up to apple country and came home with two bushels of apples, Jonagold and Winesap. Yesterday and today we made and canned applesauce. Wow! is it good?! We now have 15 qts and 14 pints of sauce for the winter.
Our weather here in California is getting cooler. We don't have the dramatic change of seasons like you do in other parts of the country but we do have seasons. The days are in the 70s and nights in the low 60s. Later in the winter, it does get down to freezing at night.

We did our voting also. We vote absentee. As Republicans, we know our vote won't count for the most part but will on some of the propositions. Our governor seems to think we will all vote to raise (temporarily, if you can believe that) to help the schools. I've been voting in every election since I was 18 and there is always some proposition that supposedly will save the schools. Its why our state lottery was approved.The lottery was said to save us from ever having to worry about the schools again. How did that work out? Thank you, Governor Brown, but no. Guess I'm just cynical.
I will be glad when this election is over and hopefully we have a new President. We need someone who understands business, and economics. The old President has never really held down a real job and no one on his staff (and I mean no one) has ever had a job in the private sector.  It was especially obvious in the first debate.
I've been working on and off on a cross stitched monkey quilt for Jayden. Hope to get it completed soon.
Nancy Huggins will be binding and finishing it for me so got it get the 12 squares finished. It will have a flannel backing so will be warm and comfy this winter. Its difficult to embroider with the little guy around but it is possible!

I've also started selling on Ebay again! I used to, years ago but took the plunge again this month.  My name on Ebay is ChinaLake Auctions mostly selling things we find at estate sales...I have a beautiful butter dish that we found at an estate sale about a week ago. The lady had been a avid collector of glass....
its such a pretty dish, almost didn't want to part with it!

This sold, thank you!