Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Veterans Day and Ravioli

Although I am very fond of Thanksgiving...can't neglect Veterans Day which is this Friday......its a holiday to honor our Veterans..and was started after WWI by President Woodrow Wilson..I think this holiday was more celebrated in the past than now, although I am not sure why....most people now just use it as an excuse to get a day off....

In the past, ravioli was served on this President Wilson invited 2,000 soldiers to the White House to have ravioli's as he thought the troops longed for good home cooked meals. At the time, in 1919, ravioli was a very popular dish...and a good excuse to make it again. I know its popular to make your own ravioli noodles with a noodle machine but with many good frozen ravioli products...I just use a higher grade bag of cheese ravioli from Costco....along with a green salad, and garlic toast..makes a wonderful supper.

I know its cheating to use the frozen premade kind..and if you want to  go whole hog,,, here is a site that will how you how to make your own noodles.....How to Make Ravioli Without a Pasta Machine...I am  not that ambitious...working as much as we do..there just isn't much easier to go the other way...but I don't do that very often.. and it does make a delicious meal..after all....what did President Wilson say? "Hunger," he remarked, "breeds madness."