Thursday, November 3, 2011

November Giveaway!

I pondered what  to offer for a giveaway this month and decided I'd better go Christmas..this is a nice candle mat I made and heavily beaded...its a little puffy as I used quilt batting...for the second winner, will get to choose a set of the fabric tags from my Etsy shop......please go over to Sweet Home Stitchery to enter....and for more information.....
I've been looking for  homespun fabric but our local Walmarts are not carrying it any more..I dread going to Jo Anns as its so crowded this time of year...I don't have a phobia but really hate crowds....and waiting in line for long its a 20 mile trip.
Our weather is getting cooler..especially at night....we've been raking leaves and enjoying the night air...rain is forecast for was cool enough this morning to put a sweater on!