Monday, June 12, 2017

Our New/Old Condo

I thought I'd continue letting you know about Sun City. Del Webb built it back in the early 1960s. He first built a similar senior living area in Arizona.

The Kings Inn was where everyone stayed and had the tour of the area.

I remember as a teen traveling with my family driving by here. I never dreamed we'd be living here years later.

The inn suffered a fire in the 70s and only a few buildings were left standing. They were moved across the freeway and now are part of the Americans Best Value Inn. We actually stayed there one night recently while moving. I didn't go in to register but Alan did and he noticed the office was older and looked rather vintage.

Now the lot where the Inn stood is empty.

Hopefully, some one will put something on it one day.
Our condos are right down the street from this lot. From what I understand (I could be wrong) these were built with the idea to house people while their homes were being built.

The entry of ours, like so many others has a geometric look

                                 The mail comes through a slot by the door. Rather classy. No more having to walk to the community mail box. There have been many break ins in these boxes so no worries when the mail is delivered personally.

We're still moving in. It seems to take time when we help with our grandson and do our locksmith business. All our stuff is in storage. We have about 1/3 left to get out. Its been challenging finding space for everything but its coming along. 
Here is the living room so far...

I'm trying to make the bookcase more interesting. The top shelf houses the flag that was on Alan's dad's casket. He was a WWII veteran. 
Also I put our cat Boots ashes with a photo of him as a memorial. He's been gone now 7 years but I still miss him. 
The other end of the room has Alan's tractor collection and my oil lamps. Plus an antique  sewing machine stand and vintage radio.

Behind those doors is the kitchen. and a bar area for eating. No dining room here. We would have left it open but the cats decided they wanted to jump in there so we're not using the bar. Plus we needed a space for the barrister bookcase. I was pleasantly surprised to find some old fashioned TV tray stands at Ross the other day. So we use them to eat on.

Here's the bedroom. Its quite large, big enough for the curio cabinet. Its a nice quiet retreat. I do have pictures for the walls but as I said, we're still moving in.

Tomorrow I will show you the office.

Most of these condos are one bedroom, however, someone built another room on the back. 
There is also a "atrium". A rather small area for planting and gardening. We've talked it over and decided to make a small raised bed there and plant tomatoes. Right now its a fenced in graveled area.

That's about all for today.