Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tuesday Musings

Today is another warm day here, in the 80s and sunny. The solar panels are cranking out energy which is a good thing.

The sumac tree in our yard is blooming! Tiny yellow flowers cover it and the bees are sure busy.

We no longer that a green lawn in the back due to the drought. The water district has recommended cutting watering outside by 70%. The front yard is tiny and shared with a neighbor so we do water it but only once a week or so. I plan on planting natural grasses and drought resistant plants in the future as funds become available here in the backyard. The African sumac tree doesn't mind the drought and loves the heat of the summers. It gives us needed shade too.

We've been getting seed catalogs, but haven't ordered anything yet. Its still early but with this unseasonable heat spell, we would sure like to start. The raised beds look so empty.

The fruit trees are starting to bloom and I hope we don't get a cold snap. Its happened before in the past and ruined the peaches and nectarines.

 As I mentioned yesterday, Cora was a gifted writer. Her sister posted one of Cora's many poems and I am sharing it here.

                              Whispers of Grace

Grace opens closet doors and reaches far
As far as it must take to find me there,
Hiding, scared, and fearing all that hurts,
But Grace embraces, whispers words of care.

Grace see the soiled dress, so ripped and frayed,
Stained, and far beyond a needle and a thread,
But Grace redresses me in robes of white,
And whispers, This is all you need instead.

Grace sees the dying embers of my dreams,
Ashes of bridges I have burned,
But Grace with sweetest breath fans life anew
And turns all my mistakes to lessons learned.

Grace sees my feet, as I would start to stray,
Leaving paths that lead to good and right,
Grace picks me up, and points me in the way
And places in my hand a guiding light.

I listen to the voices in my soul
Not Good Enough is knocking at my door,
Unloved and Left Alone would stay too long,
But Grace, in whispers, says, I love you more.

Grace rebuilds the bridges I once burned,
Leading back to Him who loves me so,
How can such love be mine, I humbly cry,
Grace whispers, And how much, you'll never know!

So loud the voices, chasing from behind!
Words that tear and rip my soul apart!
So quiet, soft, a whispered breath of Grace,
And all is calm again within my hear!
--Cora Eelman