Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Garden, Rain and My Etsy Shop

We're refurbishing our raised beds now that the garden is finished for this year. Its quite a job and one neither of us relished but had to be done. Some of the boards were dry rotted after several years out in our wickly hot summers.  This is a finished one. We painted the boards with some redwood paint that will protect them at least for a couple more years if not more.
Alan took apart each raised bed and looked over each board. We've replaced several so far and then rebuilt them. Phew! Hard physically but good work.
This was done last week which was a hot one. The temps were in the low 100s so we tried to work early mornings and evenings. Resting during the day.
Now the rains have come and its alot cooler.
You can see the one on the right is the old one which is coming apart in places and the new one on the left. What a difference! We're planning on putting down mulch between the beds after we're done.
We had a good productive garden this year with alot of canning going on.
The strawberries didn't do well  however. We think its because our climate just doesn't work for strawberries. The garden is below street level and it is always hotter and colder than surrounding areas. Each yard has its own micro climate.  Tomatoes do really well for us as well as carrots, beets, beans, and squash so we'll concentrate on those vegetables in the future.

I've been working on Christmas cards to put into my Etsy shop. Plus I added another of the most popular card, the Shis Tzu puppy..he's so cute.

The 12 Days of Christmas cards are in the works. I have finished the first 3, its a little difficult to get them done with everything else going on.

This is an old photo, the new ones will be listed soon. I also ordered the next two in the series, 6 geese laying and 7 swans swimming. Hopefully, I will eventually have all 12 in the shop.
I also re listed the fabric Christmas tags...