Thursday, May 28, 2015


Sorry again that I've not been posting much. We're watching our grandson who is almost 4 (in August) and its difficult to get much done.

We had a nice Memorial Day but did spend part of it in the ER. Alan was putting up our flag on the garage and the ladder collapsed. He hit his head rather hard on the concrete driveway so again, I drove him the the ER. Four hours later, we went home with a bruised and scaped head but no major injuries.  He's very big boned like his grandfather was. His neck and shoulders are tender but he's healing fine and I think, this time he realizes he's not 30 anymore.  His guardian angel was watching over him as it could have been much worse.
When we got home from the hospital, this is what greeted us...

              Our oldest son hung up the flag which was a blessing.

 I hope everyone had a meaningful and restful holiday. As I read my dad's letters, I can't help realizing how amazing that generation was and am thankful for the sacrifices they made for freedom.

 Our garden is in full swing and soon we'll have tomatoes to can. I am so looking forward to some fresh garden tomatoes. I also plan on making tomato soup to can. Last year our tomato crop was terrible and I only was able to can a few pints of sauce which we used up quickly this last winter.
This year so far looks alot better with many green tomatoes on the plants.The corn is really high  and is tasseling.

Alan always tries to grow corn, and we usually get a few small ears which are delicious but not like he could grow in Iowa.

I've been selling a few things on Ebay and made two sales. I have some thimbles and also some towels for sale that I embroidered. 

                        Redwork flour sack towels.
                                  China Lake Auctions

                              That's about all for now.!