Friday, February 6, 2015

Garden News Plus

While much of the county is under snow, Southern California is in spring time. Our strawberry plants are blooming, the beets and spinach are up and we've planted peas and carrots which should be up in a week to 10 days. Most days are in the 70s with blue skies.

Alan also  put tomato seeds into peat pots. I sure hope we have good tomatoes this year as last year was a real bust with hardly enough to can. I did manage to make about 4 pints of sauce but that;s not nearly enough for an entire winter. Guess we 're spoiled with home canned tomato sauce but its so flavorful and better than anything you can buy.

I've been working on spring time candle mats, and also listed this nice Valentine candle mat which includes a heart shaped candle in my Etsy shop..

I've autographed it also on the bottom with the date as each of them are entire handmade and one of a kind.

Nancy Huggins sent me some soap petals with various scents to try. I love all of them but am partial to the orange. It gets nasty scents off your hands in the kitchen such as after cutting onions. I also found it great after changing diapers also! Our grandson is fairly potty trained but does wear a diaper at night. One of her popular items is the garden soap she makes with  a hanging rope for the water spigot.
                               So handy to get the mud and dirt off after gardening.
             She's also been making these darling soaps with family pets which have proven very popular.

Shown above with her  American Eskimos.
You can find her at our group blog, Crafting Friends Trio