Friday, July 11, 2014


I don't know about you, but I get really tired of the TV programing today. There are a few shows we both like but all the reality TV is getting worse and worse. I think the programmers are finding less and less good material. Where are all the good writers? Reality shows are cheap to produce and they seem to keep churning out more and more ridiculous shows.

Alan and I have turned to some of the old shows that are still playing. MeTV has many of them and we're enjoying Rockford alot as well as some of the old favorites like Dragnet, Perry Mason,etc. One thing I like about the Rockford series is all the scenes of Southern California way back when California made sense.  One episode even had scenic views of the old Las Vegas which was fascinating.  If you don't get MeTV, you can also find episodes on Hulu for free. I've always liked James Garner and am a fan of his on Facebook.

Of the shows on today, we both like Longmire and I'm partial to Major Crimes but that's about it.
Question, what shows do you like? Do you enjoy the reality shows?