Saturday, June 7, 2014

Garden News and Changes

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Our raised beds are starting to produce..we harvested all the peas and they were really good this year. We both agreed to plant more this fall when the weather gets cooler. Very yummy..I never liked peas until one spring my family visited my grandparents. Grandpa took me into the back garden. I helped him harvest and shell peas. Ate all that I shelled as I remember which didn't please Grandpa but it did please me. I never knew peas could be that delicious. Fresh, home grown vegetables always taste wonderful.

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The strawberry beds are producing also and we've gotten several pints already. So good on cereal in the mornings and also in fruit salads. No large tomatoes yet, but the cherry tomatoes are producing, both yellow and red. I like to eat them like candy.

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Our weather has been getting warmer and afternoons get very warm. So I've been stitching Christmas cards. I tried doing some more complicated designs but had a hard time with them so went back to simpler patterns.
  I no longer have the Inspiration Memories shop on Etsy. I hadn't made any sales 6 months and decided to close it. I still have the Home Sweet Stitchery shop but no longer have the additional blog as it got to be too much for me to handle right now. Changes in the works which is ok. Less is more and much better.
I'll share some photos of the cards later in the month and may have a giveaway of a card in July. Christmas in July?

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