Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Little Crafting!

Alan got a little crafty yesterday and made us four of these lids to go on canning jars. With the popularity of Duck Dynasty, many people are using them for casual drinking and so are we.  You can find the directions for these here. I was thinking of finding some of the new blue pint jars that Ball now has, and also some blue gingham printed lids, wouldn't that be pretty? but in the mean time, these will do.
Right now, I'm sipping iced coffee out of one of these and thought I'd also share a great  recipe for your own vanilla creamer. It gets expensive so this recipe makes almost a quart and is so easy. Just open a can of condensed milk (14 oz.) with 14 oz of regular milk (or 2%) and mix well. Add two or 3 t. of vanilla, to taste. If you use a quart canning jar to store this in, just shake well before using and keep it refrigerated. It lasts a couple of weeks but I guarantee you won't have it that long as its really good in coffee.I used it in my iced coffee this morning and its yum!