Friday, August 31, 2018

The Kittens

After doing some research, one of the kittens we rescued is a Snowshoe cat. This photo isn't the actual kitten as he's hard to get a photo of right now.His coat is very white and I think he's handsome,
Sbowshoe's are a genetic varient of Siamese cats and are now recognized  as an actual breed.  Kittens go for around $500 and up.We are fortunate to get one for free.They've been around since around 1960.

I hope to get a photo of ours so you can see the handsome guy. HIs face is so distinctive and now as a kitten, he gets into trouble on a daily basis. But he's so loving and cute, you can't get very angry with him.

His sister is also Siamese, very light coloring....much like this cat

I think she's prettier than this photo and she has piercing blue eyes. I call her Sky. She's taken to me and wants to sit on my lap most of the time if she could. Our older cats get a little jealous of her..She's sweet and affectionate, almost dainty.

The one tht gets into the most trouble doesn't look like these too at all. He looks like an all American short hair. His coat is greyblue and we call him Blue. He has four white feet and is very curious. He's gotten himself into some silly situations, like climbing in the dishwasher and into cabinets.

here is a photo a found with the exact color of his coat, The only differenct is his four white feet/

            This ia a Russian blue kitten but he does look alot like our Blue.

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