Wednesday, October 14, 2015

12 Days of Christmas continued

Here is the 7 Swans a Swimming, I went ahead and ordered the rest of the patterns in the series so have the complete set now.
Below is 8 Maids a Milking,

Next is 9 Ladies Dancing which I have almost completed. They are fun to stitch and I'm on a mission to have a complete set to list. If you're interested, I will offer them at a lower price per card. I usually sell the cards for $6.50 each as they take alot of work to do. About an hour or more to pick out the pattern, and then another two to three hours to stitch, plus the cost of materials and pattern.
But if someone is interested in the complete set of 12, I will offer it at lower cost. Very unique cards for your special family and friends.

 Of course, if you'd like to make them yourself, you can find the patterns here at Pinbroidery  They have many beautiful Christmas card patterns.

Monday, October 5, 2015


Hard to believe how fast this year has gone. I'm so sorry I haven't post very much the last few months. We've had alot of family problems that I won't post about but please keep our grown son in your prayers if the Lord calls him to mind.
We have the garden about finished for the year. Alan continues to rebuilt some of the raised beds. We have one left to do, however its raining! How California needs the rain! So glad for the wet stuff.

I've been doing alot of house cleaning and organizing. Also have more Christmas cards done and stitched. I'm trying to finish the 12 Days of Christmas series, and have 3 more done.

Here is 4 Calling Birds

5 Golden Rings
And 6 Geese ALaying

I just finished this one last night and haven't mounted it on a card yet. I think it turned out well. My personal favorite is the Calling Birds. I love the musical notes. Next, of course, is 7 Swans a Swimming and 8 Maids A Milking.

I'm so fond of the entire old English song as I first became aware of it, when I was in the Girls Glee Club in middle school. We learned many Christmas songs and went to different organizations to sing during the holidays. I've always loved to sing and was in church choir when I met my soon to be husband (now of 41 years) Guess singing the Easter Cantata paid off! My dad's family were all singers with many involved in choir. Guess its our Celtic back ground.