Monday, April 16, 2018

Homemade Granola

My husband loves granola but all the packaged type has some sort of sugar in it. Honey, white sugar, brown sugar, etc. So in the past, I've made it myself. I have a very old cookbook, put out by the Mennonites with an entire chapter on granola and homemade cereal. I've adjust the recipes for diabetics and today made some.
Its easy to make and just takes a short time. It makes quite a bit too. You can adjust the recipe to suit your family. If you don't like cinnamon or vanilla, or whatever, leave it out. If there are certain dried fruit you prefer, put it in. The recipe is very flexible.
In the past, I've used agave syrup for the sweeting, as it has a low glycemic index. But today, I didn't have any so I used sugar free maple syrup that has sorbital in it. Not as good but ok. My husband can attest it doesn't make his blood sugar go up.

Simple Granola

6 c. rolled oats (old-fashioned kind)
2 c. whole wheat flour
1 c. coconut (if you can find the unsweet) if not leave it out)
1 c. wheat germ
Combine the above in a large mixing bowl.

Blend together separtely,
1/2 c. water
1 c. oil
1 c. agave or sugar free pancake syrup ( if you don't need sugarfree, use honey)
2 t. vanilla
1 t.salt

Add the blended liquid ingrediants to the dry and mix throughly.

Spread out on two greased cooky sheets (I use cake pans, less mess in the oven as you stir this often)
Bake about an hour or until its golden and dry. Cool and put in to a storage container.

Now I used a container of trail mix, which had nuts and grains in it. Plus some dried raisins, and apples.  I also added some cinnamon. I didn't have any coconut so that was left out. You can add , as I said any dried fruit you like. If you don't go sugar free, use dried cherries or cranberries would be really yummy.

I really have used this cookbook and its wearing out, sadly. Its out of print too so it will be difficult to find anywhere. Its called the More for Less Cookbook, I think it was published in the 70s but am not sure. The Front cover is gone and the front page is torn. That's how much I've used it. So many good and thrifty recipes in it. Very tasty ones too.

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